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Dr Reed has completed a 10 month course in guided implant placement.  The course was taught by numerous well respected clinicians from around the world.  Guided implants allow him to preplan implant placement digitally and place the implant exactly where they are planned.  The result is better accuracy in where the implant is placed in the mouth and a more predictable final restoration (crown).

Below is information on the training Dr Reed received and the advantages of using Guided implants.

With the advent of predictable, less complicated dental implant treatment and the demand for esthetic dental care on the rise, dental implants to replace missing teeth are becoming the preferred method of replacing teeth. The added advantage of implant treatment is the preservation of bone volume. At Implant Educators we train dentists to provide the highest level of dental implant treatment. We teach guided dental surgery which allows a dentist to place dental implants with the most precision of any current technique. This leads to fewer complications, faster treatment times and a more comfortable experience for the patient. Dentists in our course will be able to place implants on actual patients under our guidance. There is no substitute for this type of training. All aspects of dental implant treatment will be covered at our course including bone grafting, surgical placement and restoration of dental implants. We also focus on the proper diagnosis and treatment planning of simple to complex cases. Our comprehensive implant training course provides the foundation for dentists to provide current treatment modalities as well to adapt to future changes in dental implantology.

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